Update cameras Alert Road V2

To update the Alert Road V2 radar database we have 2 options. Save the file of radars in the Micro SD inserted in the display, or without Micro SD card and updating through the program of updates.

Update with Micro SD card

Download the radar file and save it to the Micro SD card inserted in the display.

It is very important not to change the file name. If not, it will not work properly.

The file that we keep in the Micro SD replacing the existing one has to be called "radares.rad"

Update without Micro SD from PC

Download the radar file and save it to our computer.

We need to download and install the Alert Road updates program on our computer. 

Once we have it installed, we start the program.

We connect the PBX to our PC via the supplied USB cable.

We click on the "Select File" button, and we open the file of radars that we downloaded previously. Automatically updates the radars in the internal memory of the display.

If we update through the Update Program we do not insert the Micro SD card in the display.