Firmware Alert Road V1

When updating, we can improve the operation of the device, solve problems of previous versions, add new features, etc.

In the Alert Road is composed of 4 files, two on the display (firmware and images) and two on the central (firmware and sounds).

To update the Alert Road firmware, we need to download and install the Alert Road update program on our computer.

Once we have it installed, we start the program.

Display update.

Connect the display to our PC via the USB cable by pressing the "MENU" key. The display remains off, and in the update program indicates that Alert Road is connected.

We click on the "Select File" button, and select the display firmware file that we downloaded previously.

To update the image file, disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it, and repeat the operation loading the image file in the corresponding language.

Central update.

Repeat the previous operation but connect the USB cable in the switchboard of Alert Road. We load the downloaded firmware and then the sound file.