Radar types

Arch radar

Calculates the speed of the vehicle some 30 m after the arch.

Low emission strength.

Vehicles that precede you bounce the signal toward your detector, improving the distance notably (it may even triple). The ideal situation is for the vehicle ahead of you to be some 300-350 m away.

Also remember that if it is too close, the vehicle will create a “metal barrier” that makes it difficult to read the radar beam.

Arch radars are always alerted 500 metres in advance with GPS. 

Mobile radar

This calculates the speed of the vehicle once it is overtaken. Average emission strength. The disposition allows for great alert distances.


Tripod radar on curve or rise

Very difficult to detect if it is properly installed (no bounce). The Alert Road may warn you as little as 50 m in advance. Take great care in these types of situations.